Sales Funnel: Tips to Experience Boost in Your Conversion Rates in 2022

Sales funnel is often interchangeably referred to as websites. However, they differ greatly in many ways.

Websites are collections of linked web pages that are hosted on web servers. Often, website content is dedicated to showcasing a specific purpose or niche. You use it to give your audience a visual impression of your brand.

While sales funnel is a model that depicts the actions taken by a potential customer to convert brand awareness into sales. 

Purchase is not the end goal but turning them into devoted and loyal customers. If your business aims to leap its conversion rate to the next level, sales funnel is probably what you need.

The Sales Funnel Process

The top of a sales funnel accepts a large pool of potential customers. These customers are narrowed down to a smaller number of prospects.  Each funnel stage moves qualified prospects onto the following stage and eliminates those who unmet the criteria of your offer.

Awareness: Its objective is to reach your target audience, assist them in learning about your offer, and gather leads. It is where you build your reputation with your audience. This section is usually creatively engaging and informative, giving them an overview of what you can offer.

Interest:  Prospective buyers research whether your offering will meet their demands. It is where they show increased interest by seeking out information by answering their queries.

Decision:  Customers that reached this stage are already able to determine that your offer will satisfy their demand. However, they are still assessing if they will pursue the purchase. The role of a Sales funnel is to lead your clients to conversion. This stage is where you show them your price options and solutions that fit their needs. Your funnel will convince them that their acquisition of the offer is a wise decision to make.

Action: This final step is considered the Purchase Stage. The goal is not only to convert them into buyers but to turn them into loyal customers.

5 Tips to Improve Your Sales Funnel in 2022

5 Tips to Improve Your Sales Funnel

Optimizing the efficiency and performance of the sales funnel is essential for converting cold leads into hot prospects and improving sales performance.

To achieve this, these are the best practices to follow to build a highly converted sales funnel:

Input Curiosity to Your Headlines

Everyone wants to know a secret! Who doesn’t, right? So, make your headline straightforward and personal.

Phrase it in a specific way to tempt specific potential clients. It is important for the reader to assume that they get the access to the information that you are willing to share once they are engaged with you.

Build a lead magnet

After gathering the details, the business will take care of their leads by exposing them to further information about your niche and by answering their queries. It is also a way to introduce your brand position against other existing fields.

Engagements are used as chances to establish relationships with them.

Optimize your Sales Page

Sales page pertains to any only page intended to sell goods or services. Since the sales page is part of the visuals, it is expected to be eye-catching, persuasive, and engaging to its audience. It displays the overview of your offer, as well as how it will benefit them or resolve their issues.

Include an Order “Bump” to increase sales

Order Bump Sample

This is like buying in a grocery store and you grab additional items once you get to the counter. Can you relate to this?

Order bumps are the follow-up offers before your customer hits that “buy” button. It is a buying an additional item or offer to their previous purchase. This makes sense because businesses achieve quick growth in their conversion rate as they implement this strategy.

Attach a webinar to your “thank you page”

One of the most crucial but least prioritized parts of most sales funnels is the “Thank You” Page. But this section can be utilized if the business will work on putting a webinar in relation to your offer. This is to boost customer experience and support additional conversions as well.

Need help implementing these changes? From creating a lead magnet to using social proof, we’ve got you covered. Book a call with us today to get started!

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HIGH-CONVERTING Health and Fitness Sales Pages, Facebook Ads, and Lead Generation Pages to Inspire You to Win Clients and Make More Sales!



HIGH-CONVERTING Health and Fitness Sales Pages, Facebook Ads, and Lead Generation Pages to inspire you to win clients and make more sales!

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