Commonly Used Business Tools of a Business Owner: My Daily Operations Walkthrough

Commonly Used Business Tools of a Business Owner: My Daily Operations Walkthrough

Hey there! It’s been two months since I’ve blogged. My goal was to have ONE post every month, and I wasn’t even able to do that. 😂 Thanks to the Passionate Creators weekly challenge, I was finally able to squeeze out all my juices and create one that might benefit a fellow business owner. 🥹


It’s amazing how back then, I was just a dreamer who laid out her plans on papers and planners…

Now I’m reaping the rewards of my perseverance. I am still surprised that my plans are now being executed. 🥰

One of the most surprising things that happened last year was when I started my CEO journey under Her Funnels LLC. I wouldn’t be able to cross all these things off my career checklist without my business-purposed tools.

It’s all new and unfamiliar at first. The technology world changes fast, and with that comes modern business growth. Several firms, including mine, invest in business tools to use and optimize their operations so they can meet their potential.

With that, I would like to share some of the life-changing tools that helped me with my business:


Dubsado is my all-in-one CRM, CMS, and workflow automation tool. It allows me to send contracts and invoices, handle projects, create questionnaires and other forms, manage bookkeeping, scheduling, send and receive emails and SO much more!

Thanks to this amazing tool, I’ve been able to grow my business a lot. With everything in one place, I didn’t have to hold back on taking on more clients!

I’m also a proud affiliate! Get an extra 20% OFF when you sign up in Dubsado using my affiliate code: mariafilipina


Things get rough when my multiple tasks keep on juggling in my head. It is a mess to just look at my to-do list.

As the CEO of my team, ClickUp made my life easier in managing my projects, overviewing the progress of each task, and proper delegation of tasks to my team members.


Part of my service is to provide solutions and aid to my client’s problems. To present these, I use GoogleDocs to showcase proposals and strategies for my potential clients.

I mainly use this for creating my SOPs for my team, transcribing my calls, creating drafts for my blog posts, and other documentation purposes.


With Canva, my creativity seems limitless. It is a free-to-use graphic design tool, yet, very user-friendly. It was like, even people who aren’t inclined to graphic arts can be given an opportunity to be part of an artistic community.

Canva helps me create and design my workbooks, presentations, social media templates, and welcome kits for my clients.

Lastly, ADOBE XD

As a website and funnel builder, my profit-converting works started by creating visual aesthetics. Despite having an effective and profitable funnel, we can admit that a way to attract our target audience is through what they see.

I mainly use Adobe XD to create wireframes, mockups, and web designs to help my clients visualize what their websites/funnels are going to look like before we build them out on a platform.

Building the visuals first makes my clients assess if my designs match their business purpose and represent the branding that they want to portray.

As my business steps up from a starter to an official service provider, businesses like mine are held to a higher standard of technology with the use of business tools. Yet, this standard is crucial. It just assures that my business can adapt to fast-paced changing technology developments. This is a manner of continuous satisfaction for my business and my clients as well.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to any of my social media platforms!

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